Wool artisan, Carla de Ruiter.

School workshops

We offer:

  • Workshops and courses in learning to create with carded and natural-dyed wool.

  • The possibility to realize creations with fibers and natural elements of the environment.

  • The process to elaborate an significant object or utensility for children in an ambience which estimulates creativity and innovation, if possible in the middle of nature itself.

Spinning workshop education

The workshops are possible:

  • In the classroom.
  • In the countryside in a country house with a workshop area. Existing the possibility to visit a nearby farm to see the sheapshearing in May-Juny.
  • Combinating a visit to the castell and bell museum of Os de Balaguer (Montsec), with a workshop in the same village.

+ The aim of the workshops is not so much in its final product but in learning and enjoyment through the process.

Felt at school Felt at school Felt at school Felt at school

Felt workshops

  • We learn about wool fibers that shrink and we can create a small object.

  • From fibres to textile.

  • The workshop estimulates creativity and innovation.

  • Small children can create a ball of colors and from five years on they will be able to paint and create a small wool felted fabric.

Natural dye workshop

  • Find out which dyes our ancestors used to color fabric or yarn.

  • Experiment with a natural dye and dye our own textile fabric.

Papermaking Workshop

  • Get to know the different plant fibers to make paper: hemp, jute, cotton, linen, etc...

  • Experiment with plant fibers , silk and other natural fibers to create our own paper.

Weaving workshop

  • Get to know different natural fibers of animal origin (wool, silk, mohair...) or vegetable origin (cotton, linen... )
  • Observe and experience how to make yarn (spinning) and we will weave a small piece.

The workshops can be held at school.
You can contact fibrart in the mail fibrart@fibrart.eu or also through the web form.

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