Wool artisan, Carla de Ruiter.


Exhibition "From the Earth"

Felt connects, natural fibres connect, in some way we are connecting fibers, people, cultures and different kinds of craftmanship. In my feltwork I love to introduce vegetable fibres, which don't felt of course, they are just being embedded in the felt work. I also don't worry that the fibres will be completely enclosed in the felt work. Just working it all I let nature do its work. Creating the felt piece we also connect with our innerself, its the most pure form of meditation. We can see the best side of wool and vegetable fibres when you burn a bee wax candle inside me.

"Connection" (spanish merinowool, handspun hemp fiber and oliveleaves).

connection 01 connection 02 connection 03

torch 01 torch 02

"Torch" (spanish merinowool and espartograss)

A torch is a portable light produced by the flame of a stick of wood, it also means something that serves to illuminate, enlightem or guide. I carry this "Torch" for all people being involved with working with natural fibres to make sustainable art and utensils to save our environment. The materials used in the torch are two humil , basic materials, spanish merinowool and espartograss which for ages provided people with clothing and household tools. The torch specially transmits its light when you burn a beewax candle in its centre.

shapes 01

shapes 02

windlights 01 windlights 02 windlights 03 windlights 04


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